Work Notes for the Week of 8/6/18

a web site showing various book purchase buttons

It’s been a busy week at Adventurous Ink!

We added Google Play to our list of book distributors this week. Also, we got our books into the Overdrive and Bibliotheca catalogs, meaning libraries can purchase them. That’s been on my wishlist for a while.

We ran our first paid promo this week. $35 netted us 2400 downloads of my free first-in-series book. Now we’ll see how many freebie hunters read through the rest of the series. A positive ROI seems likely.

Cover art for The Assistant is looking good! Interior layouts too. @Optiksage is building our book generation system in Pandoc.

I edited about 20,000 words this week. The POV changes are less painful than I anticipated, and I cut out a lot of fluff. The book is back on track!

A side note: The internet is full of hot takes on how authors should be grateful for whatever meager scraps the trad publishers deign to throw at them. And I rolled my eyes hard enough to sprain my sockets.

Next up: Vacation! Looking forward to some time with the fam.

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