Tips for Morning Pages

We’ve had some fun discussions about Morning Pages on, and I wanted to share tips for anyone trying them out for the first time.

(I’m typing this on my phone at an airport, so I won’t spend time on definitions. Google “morning pages” or get the book The Artist’s Way for more info.)

Onto the tips!

  1. The book The Artist’s Way is insufferably woo-woo and may make you roll your eyes very hard. Yet the exercises are excellent. If you’re trying to get creatively “unblocked” I highly recommend following her program. But be prepared for the cheesiness. 🧀

  2. Discipline is useful but not required. It’s like meditation? Strive for daily, but don’t stress. Even now, I do morning pages imperfectly. I miss days. I get busy and skip days or even a month. Yet I return because I’m happier when I do. You’re not being graded; don’t grade yourself!

  3. Whatever’s on your mind, pour it on the page. Dump, don’t dwell. You will be angry, bitter, or grouchy sometimes. You may write about old wounds, your grocery list, or your hopes for the future. It’s all good. At first, you’re just dumping out your head-garbage. After a while, (months?) you’ll get to a clearer place.

  4. Don’t share your pages. But if you discover something profound, talk it out with someone you trust.

  5. On a day when you’re feeling brave, go back and flip through a prior journal. Read it with a loving eye. You’ll meet yourself there. Notice your thought patterns. What is and isn’t working for you?

  6. Push yourself to do all three pages, when you can. The good stuff likes to hide behind the easy stuff.

  7. Write the pages by hand. Mornings seem to work best, when you’re softened up from sleep and your dreams. Late night can be great too. It’s up to you.

  8. Don’t edit. Consider writing in pen if you’re prone to censoring yourself.

  9. Doodle. Make plans. Mind-map. Whine.

  10. 🤔

What am I missing? Feel free to chime in.

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