Thoughts on Disenchantment

I’ve watched Groening’s Disenchantment twice and overall I really like it. The show is sweet and funny with multidimensional characters, and (occasionally) impressive animation. I want to see where the story goes, especially for Bean. While it isn’t immediately apparent, Disenchantment is a palace intrigue story, albeit in a lighter vein than Dune or Game of Thrones.

But it’s hugely different than Groening’s prior shows, and people expecting Futurama-style laughs and pacing will be disappointed. Adding to the challenges: Part I is all build-up until episode 8, and 10 is a cliffhanger, so you only get a small portion of the main story in this initial release.

It was a pleasure to rewatch the show, because with plot point revealed in episode ten, you can watch again and see the clues you never thought to look for during the first viewing. 🙂

Casual fans might be served best by watching the show after Part II is ready when there’s more story arc to soak up. That release date hasn’t been announced yet.

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