Thoughts on Deleting Twitter History, Part II

A quick follow up to the James Gunn Twitter controversy:

Last week, I mentioned my concerns about old Tweets being weaponized and used to end careers. Afterward, I used a tool called TwitterEraser to review all 9 years of my tweets. Fortunately, there was nothing embarrassing.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, my feed was full of comments about a pop star’s heroin overdose, targeted ads, and rumors about a politician’s affinity for Bigfoot erotica. Angry commentary, three layers deep. Plus a smattering of news articles I can probably get elsewhere.

That’s when it occurred to me that my behavior wasn’t the issue. I deleted most of my Twitter history and put my account password in a hard to reach place.

I’m taking a time-out. It’s time to evaluate why I keep sticking my face in the unflushed toilet that is Twitter. 🚽

Some distance will help, I think. 🙂

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