Our Twentieth Run

This morning @optiksage and I completed our twentieth run as part of the Couch to 5k program. Next week we’ll finish C25K while on an Alaskan cruise with my extended family. The view from the jogging track is bound to be gorgeous.

We’ve been working on our health by getting more sleep (I was doing well, but I’m slipping), eating more vegetables, and cutting back on sugar. And I wanted to complete Couch to 5k. My thinking was this: running for thirty minutes comfortably is a good benchmark for fitness. Not to mention personal safety, should the Zombie apocalypse arrive.

I want my progression to look something like this: 1. Finish C25K program. - almost there! 2. Make running a part of my weekly routine. (Perhaps 2 runs per week, with strength training on other days) 3. Run an actual 5K 4. Continue to run for 30 minutes at a time, but faster.

Our runs are getting longer, and as a result we made it further into the park today. We passed our previous turnaround point, rounded a corner, and saw a container ship floating in Elliott Bay, red and black, looking resplendent against the blue water.

Twenty runs! Old me wouldn’t have believed it.

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