Changes Under Consideration

A cappuccino as viewed from above. A wrapped chocolate on the saucer reads Cafe Umbria

Switch domain from to

Indulge in longer posts on a wider range of topics, without trying to construct any particular theme or narrative. I’m thinking of author Warren Ellis’s morning computer which is delightful and artsy and random.

Break most of the connections between my microblog and my author site. They’re different properties with different uses.

My Twitter account is… no fun any more. It may become a pointer back here, or just a place to post book news. Not sure. Either way, I resolve to stop bitching about social media. It’s a waste of my energy!

Write what I find interesting on my microblog without concern for how it will be received. (It’s a playground!)

More photos on posts.

Switch to decaf after 1pm.

Become even more fabulous.

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