Book Marketing Week

Marketing! The necessary evil. Those tasks that linger at the bottom of my to-do list until they get moldy and frightening. πŸ˜‹ In true suck-it-up-buttercup style, I’m cramming all my overdue marketing tasks into a single week.

Marketing Week Activities: Completed - I made a landing page for my author newsletter. - I’ve set up automation in Mailchimp. Every newsletter subscriber will get a welcome email from me, and an invitation to download my first book for free. - I created a book list with all my books and purchase buttons on one page. - I designed a newsletter template with a nice header graphic and a link to my book list at the top of each message. - I sent out a newsletter to my current subscribers with the (same) free book, plus information about my new series and my upcoming appearance at Bouchercon. - I hired a cover designer for my next book. - Pinned the newsletter to the top of my Twitter feed.

My newsletter graphic:

Next Up

  • Add more distribution channels for my books
  • Update my book list with those new buttons and links
  • Prep for Bouchercon panel
  • Set up (and track) a paid book promotion

Zoom zoom! I’d write a conclusion to this post, but all this marketing has left me weary. 😴

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