Assorted Thoughts About the Democratic Presidential Debate

Warren crushed it. She was passionate, specific, and sincere. I love that she didn’t say Trump’s name once. Warren did the best job of articulating a vision and making the case she’d fight to achieve it.

Inslee (our governor) was the same lovable dork he is at home. He did fine, and I like him. I’d be surprised if he picked up steam nationally.

Booker and Castro both did well. Booker came across as informed, sincere, and well-rounded. Castro’s knowledge was impressive, but his style turned me off once or twice. Shouting over people and giving them dirty looks won’t get things done.

Beto seemed stiff and awkward. Poor guy! Blasio came across as arrogant and his “my son is black” comment was kinda cringeworthy. 😬 Tulsi is either a vampire or a secret republican. I have no evidence, but there’s some definite wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing vibes coming off of her. Klobichar and Delaney were the competant moderates on the panel. Neither inspired me, but they were okay.

The Ohio guy got stomped by Tulsi and his answers were pretty sloppy.

Of course, even the weakest among them are Nobel Laureates compared to Trump. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ll be curious to see how the second batch does this evening.

What did you think? 🙂

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