Digital Detox (Days 6-10)

More notes on how the digital detox is going:

Wednesday - Day Six

Another spacious day! I woke up fairly early, journaled, then wrote 2600 words. Spent the afternoon in rapturous contemplation of an audiobook while rain poured outside the window. No complaints.

Thursday - Day Seven

Woke up early without an alarm. Wrote. Made the mistake of reading a very depressing article about climate change and then I felt off for most of the afternoon. Amazing how one mental/emotional wrong turn can throw me off track, leaving me woolly-headed and sad. Later, I listened to The Queen of Crows, which was flipping excellent. I got an inquiry about an interesting consulting project. (yay!) We stayed up late to watch a preview showing of Captain Marvel. Loved it!

Friday- Day Eight

Had morning coffee at Starbucks without looking at my phone. Lately, it feels that everywhere I go, be it the bus, or a coffee shop, or the streets, I’m surrounded by human zombies, their faces slack, their thumbs swiping, their eyes twitching back and forth. When this happens I feel like life is a big simulation, and I’m surrounded by NPCs. Where are all the people? Have their minds and hearts been stolen away?

I’m slightly regretting my choice not to read while I’m on my detox. A break from browsing, YouTube, and Twitter feels healthy, but a break from feels like missing out on real conversations.

Saturday- Day Nine

I started wearing a watch again. When all I need is the time, gently turning my wrist is far more convenient than digging a phone out of my purse or pocket, hitting a button, looking, and putting the phone back. Wearing a watch makes it easier to keep my phone put away, which is where it belongs when I’m not using it.

In related news, my iPhone battery is lasting FOREVER these days. Ha!

We went to my FIL’s house for the afternoon. Normally, I sneak peeks at Twitter during long family visits to keep myself entertained. This time I put two books in my purse, just in case, but didn’t need them. Conversation carried the day, and it was nice.

Sunday- Day Ten

Now that the initial glow of the digital detox has worn off, I’m tempted to slip. I browsed the front page of NPR this morning before remembering that I don’t browse anymore. I had coffee with a friend who stopped reading the news six months ago; she says she learns about important events via friends and family, via conversation, but doesn’t miss the constant drama of politics-watching.

I’m starting to see what she means. I heard from P this week that Luke Perry died, and later, that Manafort got a weirdly short prison sentence. Had I been online for those events, I no doubt would have been subjected to the strong waves of emotion (surprise, sadness, shock, rage) that accompanied the news. I would have felt the reverberations, read hundreds of reactions in a few short minutes, and gotten swept up in the collective distress.

But because I was offline, I didn’t experience the news in such an emotionally-charged way. I heard what happened, experienced one set of reactions (my own), and went about my day. I felt so weirdly calm (even in the face of bad news) that I have to wonder if platforms like Twitter are literally driving us insane.

I’m one third of the way through my detox month. Woot!

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