Digital Detox (Days 3-5)

More notes on how the digital detox is going:

Sunday - Day Three

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t reach for my phone. Progress? Instead, I booted up Netflix and watched cartoons while I drank my morning coffee. Later, I asked Patrick if he would teach me emacs. He laughed, agreed, and told me that I would hate emacs. I got halfway through the “evil vim” tutorial before my brain seized up.

On the plus side, Patrick tells me there is a Nyan Cat plugin. This small fact gives me strength for the dark days to come.

Today, I am learning the various “key bindings” created by lunatics with no appreciation for poor saps like me. It feels as if I’m finger-spellcasting in a bizarre dialect known only to people with ones and zeroes for eyes. Pray for me.

Monday - Day Four

Up at six-thirty, then over to my desk to sit and write. Absent my habitual web browsing, I continue to fall asleep easily. I wonder now if too much internet makes my brain overstimulated, like a toddler on cocaine.

Pinboard (the bookmarking tool) is great for avoiding dumb web browsing. When I’m researching a topic I do a quick search, add 4-5 promising articles to my pinboard, then flip through those links when I’m ready. This stops the link-to-link jumping that inevitably leads to stupid browsing.

Today, I read a paperback book on the bus instead of staring at my phone. And I wrote over 4000 words of fiction. Wheee! It’s been a while since I’ve been so productive.

Tuesday - Day Five

Up at six-thirty, then over to my desk to sit and write. In the past, I used my phone as a giant snooze button, delaying my rising by aimlessly flipping through a few feeds instead of getting up. It seemed so harmless, but the net result was that I often began my day with some unsavory facts about the world branded into my consciousness. Trump did something terrible. There was a shooting in another state. Another scandal has rocked the publishing industry, and everyone’s angry.

Is it any wonder that it’s difficult to be calm and productive when I begin my day with big bites of terribleness? You can’t spit those bites back out, you’ve got to chew them until they’re gone. And it seems there’s always more bad news, every time you pick up your phone.

I don’t miss that.

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